Please let us know if you plan on using our FFL and keep us up-to-date with tracking information. We will notify you when your item is ready to be transferred.
Inbound Transfers: $25 per item. $45 for two items. $60 for three items. Please contact us if you plan on transferring in more than 3 items at once. ***Items coming from a dropshipper or similar organizations may incur a higher transfer fee rate of $55 dollars per item.*** Outbound Transfers: $20.00+ the cost of shipping. Additional costs for materials and packing services may apply. Private Party Transfers: $25.00 Non-FFL Items: $15.00/item. NFA Items: $55 per item. ***Items coming from a dropshipper or similar organization may face a higher transfer fee of $100 per item.***


Flat rate consignment pricing
Our consignment fee is 9% for all in-store consignments. We will consign almost anything so as long as the asking price is reasonable. If an item has not sold within 60 days, we will ask that you either lower the price to reflect market conditions or transfer the item back to you. Payouts for consignment items occur within 10 business days of funds being settled.

Sell Your Used Guns

We are always happy to evaluate used guns (and other related items). Our formula for buying used guns is based on 90 day auction data. We than make an offer anywhere from 50% to 90% to the average of recent sales prices. Factors that influence our offer include condition, accessories included, rarity, and customer fit.

Shop Services

-Pin/Weld Muzzle Device (or Silver Solder): Starting at $45.00 + any materials we may need to use (i.e. additional shims, crush washers, etc.) . -Digital fingerprint creation (EFT): $55 or $30 if purchasing a NFA item through us. -Rolled Fingerprint Cards, FD-258: $10/card. -Trash/Overboxing Disposal: $15+ (Great if you don't want to take all the cardboard/packaging/boxing home). -Magazine Blocking/Limiting: Price varies (no service charge if you purchase a firearm through us that requires magazine blocking).