NFA Services

If you want to purchase or make a silencer, SBR, or other NFA item, we can help you from start to finish. And with everything done digitally, you can complete the process from almost anywhere on earth.

Digital Fingerprint Creation

We roll your fingerprints in our shop, scan them into our software, and generate an electronic fingerprint file for you (EFT). Within 48 hours, you'll have a digital copy of your fingerprints that you can use over and over again. The cost for this starts at $55.

ATF Forms 1 & 4

The ATF Form 4 is how you can purchase a silencer, SBR, or other NFA item from a licensed SOT dealer. Form 4 is a multi-step process that we will guide you through the whole way. The ATF Form 1 is how you apply to create your own NFA item. Many of the requirements are similar to the Form 4.