Information for MA Residents

Information for MA Residents

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There is a lot of misinformation, fear mongering, and bad advice dispensed by gun shops regarding what MA residents can purchase and own. The Civilian Supply isn't that type of gun shop. With a few extra steps you can own just about any pistol/handgun, rifle, or shotgun you want.

FAQ for MA Residents

Am I stuck buying from the "Approved Firearms Roster"?
No. The AFR (a handgun roster) is a limitation on what dealers can sell as a full handgun. Serialized components of handguns such as the frame of a semi-automatic pistol or revolver are not bound by any roster. And there is no law or limitation stating that you cannot purchase a firearm in parts and assemble it yourself, even if the end item is not on the AFR. As licensed manufacturers, we can legally "manufacture" handguns (and other firearms) into frames (the lower part). We then can send this part to an MA FFL willing to complete a frame transfer for you (we can help with this part).
Can I buy (insert rifle/shotgun) in NH as an MA resident?
Long guns (rifles/shotguns) can be purchased across state lines by any resident of any state. We transfer any rifle to MA residents that isn't enumerated by name in the state's assault weapons ban and/or does not have more than two "features." The Civilian Supply offers a variety of services that limit the features on semi-automatic rifles/shotguns, including silver soldering, pin/welding, stock pinning, grip removal, tube capacity modification, and magazine blocking. If you have a question about whether or not something can be transferred to you as an MA resident, text 603-557-5103.
My dealer/friend/family member/whoever told me that (insert firearm) is illegal to own in MA. Is this true?
Here is what you can't own (without some sort of exemption): 1. Any assault weapon enumeraetd by name in the MA assault weapons ban. However, similar models that share the name of the banned weapon may be okay. 2. Any weapon that violates the features test for handguns and long guns. And that's about it. Anyone who tells you otherwise is likely ignorant of the laws.
Can I buy ammo/magazines/accessories out of state?
Yes. While there are some federal laws that must be adhered to in some cases, MA residents can buy all of the ammo/mags/accessories/optics they want.
I want to buy something through The Civilian Supply. What are the next steps?
If it's something we can transfer in store (rifle/shotgun), you make an appointment, come to the shop, you fill out a 4473, I run a background check, and if all works well you walk home that day with your long gun. Pistols/handguns cannot be purchased across state lines, but the frame, slide, and other components can be "purchased" and then sent to an FFL dealer in MA who will conduct the appropriate transfer.
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